Master your anger using your brain, your bible, and your body.

Say goodbye to guilt and regretIt's time for transformation.

YES! I want to master my anger.

Join the Overcoming Anger Revolution.

Use Your Brain

When you get angry, negative trigger sequences happen in the brain which lead to destructive results. This is why so many people have regrets and say, "I'm so sorry, I never meant to say or do that."

You will receive powerful training from the latest neuroscience that will show you how to retrain your brain and master your anger.

Use Your Bible

What makes Anger Masterclass different from other anger training? For one, it's grounded in a biblical understanding of God's view on anger.

To deal with anger fully, it's important to answer questions like, "Is anger a sin?". in Anger Masterclass, you will also be guided to understand anger from a spiritual perspective and realize God's design for anger in your life.

Use Your Body

Jesus said, "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength."

Your body is temple that God gave you to love Him. And yet, destructive anger is not God's plan and can produce many negative effects on the body. In Anger Masterclass, you will learn how the body can be healed through mastering anger.

Anger Covers Pain.

Like a bodyguard, your anger is a defense mechanism to protect you from pain. But unless mastered, your bodyguard can get out of control and get destructive. This produces a new set of pain with shame and regret, and creates a vicious cycle.

Anger has the power to destroy, sometimes irreparably, the relationships with people that you care the most about.

Destructive anger can also have profound affect on your body and your career. 

Be sure of this. There is hope.

Using your brain, bible, and body, you can learn how to identify and understand your anger, and then harness it to genuinely solve the pain in a positive way.

YES! I want to master my anger.

Say goodbye to your regrets.

For most people, anger leaves a trail of destruction and hurt. 

But it doesn't have to be this way.

Once you learn the skills to master it, anger can be your ally.

If you struggle with handling anger, then Anger Masterclass is for you.

Over 6 weeks of training, you will learn how anger is misprocessed in the brain and how to start retraining it. You will grasp a spiritual foundation and learn how anger is actually a gift from God when used correctly.

You will also learn to listen to your body. And your body will thank you, because destructive anger can have many negative effects on you physically as well.

Anger Masterclass will give you the skills needed to harness your anger so you can positively build your relationships at home, at work, or at school in a way that many never dream possible.

Anyone can do this. All it requires is you fully commit and give your best effort to the training. 

On the other side of 6 weeks is the beginning of a new tomorrow for you and those around you.

Are you ready for freedom and mastery?

What is your anger costing you?

How you deal with your anger affects every relationship you have.

Imagine being free from the pain and regrets that come from destructive anger.

Imagine confidently harnessing your anger to build loving, fulfilling relationships.

This is one of the most important decisions you will ever make, and it's within your reach.

YES! I want to master my anger.

Join the Overcoming Anger Revolution.

Your Path to Anger Mastery

Get 6 weeks of powerful training that will unlock the way you look at anger and help you master it. Say goodbye to the regret and pain that comes with destructive anger. Commit and give your best to the training, and watch what God will do with your life.


Our first session together will explore the real reason why you get angry. Most adults don't understand why they get angry, and are never able to master their anger. Already in Week 1, you will learn the powerful insights you need to benefit you immediately and start practicing, avoiding the negative consequences of destructive anger.


Is anger a gift or a curse? What is the true purpose of anger? It's not obvious based on the negative and destructive results you have seen from angry people. This is because the purpose of anger gets distorted and its power misused. In Week 2, you will learn the purpose of anger and the difference between constructive and destructive anger.


Using powerful graphics and animations, in Week 3 you will dig into what happens behind the scenes in your brain as you get angry and the neuroscience behind it. This will explain a lot of why you do what you do. Through understanding the negativing sequencing in the brain, you will learn how to change course in real-time and retrain the brain.


Not all destructive anger styles are obvious. Some people mask their anger in powerful and hidden ways, to the detriment of themselves and those around them. Starting with “The Ninja”, Week 4 will begin exploring the 4 different destructive anger styles so you can master identifying yourself and others.


2 of the 4 destructive anger styles don’t even realize they are angry at others. They are in denial, and the way they process their anger is unhealthy and self-destructive: they take it out on themselves and their bodies. Understanding these destructive anger styles will allow you to process anger the way God intended and live life to the full.


                                                                In Week 6, you will synthesize all you have been learning to start fully harnessing anger for good in your life, and see how it can build instead of destroy. Combining all the training with the Anger Masterclass 3-step process, you will begin mastering your anger and experience freedom and transformation.

"The greatest predictor of satisfaction in marriage is how people learn to handle conflict and anger."

McKay, Ph.D., Rogers Ph.D.

Your Instructor: Jonathan Perkins

With over 20 years of full-time ministry experience and counseling, Jonathan has helped countless people from all walks of life to grow spiritually and change their lives.

Also a husband and a father of 3, he has seen firsthand in his own life the need to master his own anger. In fact, that is where Anger Masterclass was born.

At times feeling deep emotions, he realized that he needed to master his anger in order to have joy and satisfaction in his relationships and be constructive instead of destructive. So he set out to discover where anger comes from, and how to master it in a way that pleases God.

Anger Masterclass is the culmination of the last 16 years of study, training, counseling, and teaching on anger mastery.

Combining the brain, the bible, and the body, in Anger Masterclass you will be trained to understand how to make the changes you need for a new tomorrow where you not only experience freedom from the pain of destructive anger, but also experience life to the full in the way that you express yourself.

Backed by Guaranteed Results.

By joining the Anger Masterclass, you will join the overcoming anger revolution and receive world-class anger mastery training that is proven and works. However, if by the end of the training you don't see growth in mastering your anger, you can get your money back. Period. All I ask is that you do your part by working through all of the 6 modules and putting them into practice.

6 Weeks of World-Class Anger Mastery Training

For the price of LESS THAN ONE therapy session, you will receive 6 weeks of world-class training that will give you the tools you need to master your anger using your brain, bible and body. Mastering your anger is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and those around you. Don't wait, this is the lowest price point at which the Anger Masterclass will ever be offered.





Powerful Online Training Modules

Access to Private Masterclass Group

Anger Mastery Exercises

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YES! I want to master my anger.

"Anger Masterclass helped me see how much my cutting comments and passive aggression is linked to anger. Of course I knew I was getting in a jab, or “jokingly” implying a displeasure. But now, I stop and analyze what I’m angry about and address it candidly. In my marriage and my relationship with my daughter, these candid conversations have brought about healing, and have brought us closer. "

Tammi Reese

Join the Overcoming Anger Revolution.

6 Weeks of World-Class Anger Mastery Training

The real question is, "What is your anger costing you?" In your relationships, your joy, and even your career? How much is it worth to you to master your anger and experience healing and transformation in your relationships? You will receive 6 weeks of world-class training that will give you the tools you need to master your anger using your brain, bible and body. After the end of the 6 weeks, you will also have continued use of the online training modules and resources. Don't hesitate, join before the registration window closes.





Powerful Online Training Modules

Access to Private Masterclass Group

Anger Mastery Exercises

BONUS! Downloadable Training PDFs

YES! I want to master my anger.

"In Anger Masterclass, I learned how the reasoning portion of my brain can get hijacked when angry, and how that would lead me into saying and doing things that are hurtful. Because of that, I've been cognizant to not allow myself to get to that place."

Aniekan Sampson

Join the Overcoming Anger Revolution.


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